Instant PA System from our NEO Series Speakers

Posted on September 6, 2010


Here’s a review from on our newly released EUROLIVE powered speakers, the B815NEO’s. The NEO in the product name comes from the neodymium magnet drivers. Their review focused a lot on the added features and portability, and that they can be used as floor wedges if needed:

Apart from the enormous power output, the other big selling point for the cabinet is its light weight – the B815Neo is a manageable 23 kg (51 lbs), which for a box this size with so many features is nothing short of astonishing. It’s the kind of fact that will be welcomed by everybody who is currently encumbered with back-breakingly heavy PA cabs.

Meanwhile, Behringer has been very generous, incorporating a very useful two-channel mixer with two individual gain controls, two-band EQ, bass roll-off and a noise gate. Speech and music can be distinguished with the contour facility and there is a timed switch off button. The cutaway shape of the cabinet means it can be used as a floor or wedge monitor and connected to further Neos by the XLR output.

The 1200W Class-D power amp, with its lack of large transformers and heat-sinks, cuts the weight of the B815 by 30% compared to its predecessor. On-board DSP includes a limiter, digital crossover and time-alignment correction for the drivers. A 1.75″ titanium-diapraghm compression driver provides the high frequencies while the 15″ driver is Behringer’s own Neodymium unit. While the cabinet is a fair bit larger than the B812, the light weight makes it very easy to mount on a speaker stand and the Neos can also be stacked using the well designed rubber feet and locating socket on the top and bottom of the cabinet.

The drivers sounded clean and transparent throughout the whole frequency range and they were particularly impressive when coping with the dance track we used, with absolutely no hint of any overload or distortion despite the thumping bass… The overall volume on offer from the Neo is simply stunning, with nary a hint of overload, which if present would be indicated by an LED on the front. For power to weight, I can’t think of any other speaker that comes close to the specs of the B815 at the moment. The Neos need to be heard- and carried- to be appreciated. The Behringer Neos have raised the game in the louder, lighter, cheaper sweepstakes and at the moment are well ahead of the rest of the field, with the Behringer B815Neo setting the pace.

Our CEO and Founder Uli Behringer says: “With 1200 Watts of power (800 Watts RMS) the new NEO Series is most likely the most powerful molded speaker line, while only weighing 51 lbs for the 15″ model. I am very proud of our Acoustics, Electronics and Software engineers who have designed the new NEO series. These are the best speakers we’ve ever developed, and it took us more than 3 years to complete the job. Our cool DSP algorithms deploy dynamic EQ’ing to make sure the speaker sounds balanced and tight and at any given volume and true energy-based limiters (versus simple peak limiting) protect the drivers from overload.
“Listen to the NEO if you have a chance and let is know what you think!”

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